The Ghost Parade was founded in September 2010 by Alex Budry and Gabriel Gomez and
immediately started to work on a concept: the idea of telling a story, through a series of
songs, and considering an album as a whole piece of work and not a simple collection of
individual songs is indeed something the band is willing to achieve.


​In January 2013 we released our first record, The Brightest Sun EP. Due to limited means, all
songs were recorded using a single SM57 microphone and then “homemade” mastered. Still,
some of its songs are currently broadcast on several radio stations and the album was very
well received by music professionals and the audience.


For live performances, the Ghost Parade is joined by Schpak (drums, samples, vocals) and
Dave Jordan (bass) and uses video support, giving a broader dimension to the music.


There are way too many influences to be stated, as members’ musical background range
from classical music to hard rock, so please make your own opinion about the songs and…
we hope you’ll enjoy them.

photos by Jeremy Capungcol, NYC